Sunday, November 30, 2008


We visited Jane Austen's house and Winchester Cathedral for our program's last day trip together. It was all very interesting, but I think the best part of the trip was the playground we stumbled upon. Before you criticize, Answer this for yourself... Don't you remember what it was like to be a kid?

Jane Austen's House-- it was pretty big. In comparison to other cottages we have visited, she makes Hardy and Wordsworth look like paupers. I can see why she turned down so many suitors. She wanted it all to herself!
(Left to Right) Lauren, Alison, Hailee, you know, and Anna.
Alison in action
The biggest hit of the day.

Yellow coats are so hot right now.
And Winchester Cathedral is the smart place to wear them.


Kristine said...

i am obsessed with your adventures abroad. obsessed turned jealousy!! your pictures are adorable! i love your updates.


Alison said...

i would just like to say thank you. thank you SO much for posting those pictures of me on the world wide web. a true friend.

Estefanie said...

oh holi i wanna be you sooo bad!!! ha ha this is stefanie from back in the day...i meant to respond to your comment you'd left on my blog like forever and a day ago, but totally forgot!! anyway, words cannot describe how lucky you are to be in Yurrup!!! i am thinking about doing a study abroad program with byu...i really wanna go to germany. preferably bavaria/munich area. anyway have fun globe-trotting!!

Ronaldo7 said...

yeah yeah...yellow coats around the world unite!

Amy said...

yeah i'm definitely diggin the yellow coat. i can't wait for you to come so i can see all the treasures you found in europe!