Friday, November 14, 2008

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court was a lovely little day excursion. Henry VIII lived in this palace, so it was interesting to imagine what life would've been like for him and the six wives he had throughout his lifetime. It is said that he ghost of Catherine Howard still haunts the palace, and her shrill screams can be heard in the halls. She was the wife who was very young and flirtatious. she confessed her lack of faithfulness to the King, and was beheaded at the age of 17. It wasn't easy being Henry's queen. That's for sure.
The Palace.

Clock Tower.

The V.I.P.s of Hampton Court
The grounds were absolutely gorgeous!

Loved these gardens. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.
This is Alison in the Hedge Maze that we completely lost ourselves in.

"How do we get out of here?"
Everyone takes cute jumping pictures, so we decided to be original and take a not cute one.
The Birthday girl and I

The gang climbing on the garden fence. 

JUMP! I went a little too soon.
GO!!! oh wait... false alarm. [Everyone falls]
Hold hands!
We Love Hampton Court!

Take two.


Jheri said...

Looks like you are still having a you get grades based off of how cool your blog posts are? I love the Matrix pose in the last pic...pretty funny! When do you come home again?

Tricia said...

I would love to go to this is hard to imagine people really lived this kind of lifestyle. Those last pictures are way cool

Celeste and Devyn said...

Hi! So you don't know me, I'm Jake Garn's cousin, and just came across your blog...You are so lucky! Going to Europe is my dream! :)your pictures are amazing! :)