Thursday, February 26, 2009

So much for Individualism

This video is dedicated to Alison and myself. On Tuesday, each of us attended our American Lit class wearing the same exact shirt. What's funny is that isn't even her shirt-- it belongs to her roommate, Mack. We were both even wearing grayish jeans and long-sleeved cardigans (thankfully those were different colors). Even our hair was curled in a similar fashion. To make it worse, she sat right next to me. What an embarrassing hour of my life. It was really uncool.

This is from Drillbit Taylor. I kind of love this movie-- but I kind of love any movie with geeks, bullies, and a fat kid with an attitude. Not exactly high-brow entertainment, but this flick definitely meets my criterion.


alison said...

sorRY i embarrass you so. thanks for pointing out i don't wear my own clothes.

i'm coming to class naked next time.

and sitting on your desk.

Jordyn said...

This blog + Alison's comment = terrible sadness that I don't have the option of coming to that class and sitting in between the two of you because I'm in Colorado.

Anna Jay said...

Bahah you two had it coming. I am SO mad I wasn't sitting in the room with a black cloak on videotaping this.

So much love for you holls.
So much.