Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How it goes in AZ

So this what went down over winter break in AZ...

I enjoyed the AZ sunsets.

Vurrry nice.

I did arts and crafts with jake.
Like the Home Depot hats?? 98 cents.
We stained/painted stuff for my room...
Like this clock. I sanded it and put a blue stain on it. neat, right?
Some frames we stained/painted.
Our work space.

"My room" is starting to come together. I was very pleased with how the stains came out on the chairs.
Okay, so basically this is a room that no one uses that my mom is letting me do whatver I want with. I'm haveing a lot of fun with it. It's pretty funky so far.
I had a birthday...
making a wish.
The fam. I think almost everyone made it into this pic... except Jheri, Tricia, and Chase.

Tricia, Jheri, and I got facials on our "sister day"

The Fam Celebrated Christmas!!!
Gracie put on her cowgirl boots so she could match with me.
I got to enjoy the company of my nieces and nephews like Ethan here....
and Ryal...

and Gracie! (It's a rare moment when she looks this peaceful)
And Noah (fatty)
and Kaylee! Yeah, my sis has a whole cabbage patch full of kids.
Kaylee put us all to shame on the American Idol game. The girl's got pipes!

Mason even gave it a shot. Here is a video of him singing "I'm like a Bird" haha.

haha... I love this kid!
Brock... so cool.
Tressa gave Gracie pink cupcakes in our Family service gift exchange! She called them "Pinkalicious." Grace loved them!
Tressa and TJ.
Sky and I...
Ethan. haha... my fam likes mustaches???
Christmas morning... Looks like Jher ruined the waffles again.
Fresh squeezed orange juice!!!

The lights at the Mesa Temple!

I got to hang with these punks...
nathan and jake enjoyed the comics I brought them home from london.
Annoying Brock is one of my favorite pastimes.

I got to listen to Skyler's band jam... A TON.

These kids are practicing constantly at the house. They are getting ready for Battle of the Bands at Mesa High, and they have gotten sooo freakin good.
Seriously, it has gotten to the point to where I bring my friends over and they are so phased with my 16 year-old brother's skills, and they stop paying attention to me. I'M COOL TOO!!! haha... not really. Actually, I'm pretty blown away with these kids too, but I'm just used to their awesomeness.
Oh, and sky started singing. I was really surprised, and phased with how good he sounds. 
Levi's bass amp... and orange soda.

Skyler got this insane pedal system called the line 6. He was pretty stoked.
it's super complicated though. Skyler was scratchin his head for a while... it has got everything you'd ever need in one expensive contraption.
I walked in and found him like this... haha!

I love my fam, my friends, and AZ.

What a great Break!!!

oh, and did I mention that I saw Styx???


Myke said...

AZ is the best.

kari said...

The green boots!!

Jacob said...

haha! Mason is funny.

Lucas and Annie Brimley said...

Come back and hang out with me!!! I owe you lunch next time you are in town. Doo dee doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo(gotta love my dad).

becky said...

wow... looks like you had tons of fun {as always}!!! gald you had a great birthday & family time! have i ever told you how much i love love love ethan??? i do. i totally miss being his primary teacher. ):

Alex said...

Only Holli Hale would dress better to stain furniture than I could if I were going to the White House.
Oh and BTW, you're amazing and I think you should be Ty Pennington's best friend.
From Extreme Makeover Home Edition.