Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 1: Tea in Botanical Gardens

Day one in Singapore went as follows:

1 AM- Arrived at Changi Airport in Singapore.

2 AM to 3 AMish- mingled with Don, Purni, and Kris at their home where we will be staying for the six weeks. Purni treated us to the most refreshing peach aloe vera juice. Tasty!

9:00 ish- woke up to to a lovely breakfast of papayas, blueberries, some Asian fruit that I don't know how to spell, orange juice, indian tapioca, plus eggs and toast.

Later Don gave me a tour of their complex, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing to let the severe jet lag fade before we took an excursion to the Botanical Gardens for afternoon tea.

The protocol was the same, but this tea was a more exotic version of what I experienced in England-- with apricot ginger jam on the scones, a tangy kiwi tart, and an herbal infusion of peach nectar and rooibos tea blend.

Grandma also let me try her Pink rose and marigold tea, which was lovely as it sounds.

Food shouldn't look this pretty.
The Botanical Gardens were breath-taking!
Goodbye desert. Hello equatorial lushness?

We took a stroll through the lovely orchid gardens.
Get ready for a floral pic overload.

I feel underdressed surrounded by this spectacular host of flora.

This one is carnivorous!
Looks that kill. . . literally.

The sights and the smells!
I think I have quite a bit more exploring to do here.

Well, today I learned a few things. . .

1) Wow, it is humid here. I might need to lose the long pants I am sporting in these pics, or wring them out in the tub tonight. BUCKETS O' SWEAT. No, just playing. But seriously. . . very humid. I'm dealing with a completely different environment and infrastructure than I am used to.

2) Jet lag is conquerable! I'm 15 hours wacked out, but I'm soldiering on. Turns out, Jag lag isn't that bad. In fact, it is almost a nice weird feeling.

3) I'm mentally and physically prepared to try anything and everything strange and exotic this place has to offer me.

Stay tuned.


granny said...

What a great adventure!

Jane said...

lovely, just lovely. keep the pictures and posts coming. I am drooling over that breakfast and smitten at those botanical shots. yay for you.

Ronaldo7 said...

Amazing Holli. You're pictures are brilliant. I almost feel like I'm there...almost.

Anna Jay said...

Remember our first tea party in Bath? Now it is exotic-ized! You look like an island princess. Love and miss.