Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Week in a Blogshell

Oh, boy!
Where do I begin?
My first week in Singapore has been such a delight.

Don, Purni, and the cousins have done such an incredible job of introducing me to Singapore, especially the local food.

Just like Gilligan's island right? I was really stoked to try drinking the juice straight from the coconut. (the humidity makes my bangs look ridiculous. I have given up on them.)

Oh my. What a delicious meal. Purni ordered an array of dishes for me and grandma to try from the various vendors at the food court. In the pic you can see the coconut drink, a pink drink called bandung (rose milk), in the front is laksa, the small rolls in the middle are called popiahs, and in the back are the chicken and beef satays. They are kind of like small barbecued kebabs with incredible flavor that you dip in this mouthwatering, tangy peanut sauce. Are you drooling? I was. Singapore is all about shopping and FOOD-- but mostly food.

A view of the food court by the coast.

Lots of people camping out here by the beach.

At a nearby cable ski park, my cousin, Kris, practiced his wake-boarding skills.
Nice pose!
Kris Kross Apple Sauce.

The next day, Grandma and I took a cruise on the Singapore River...

A view of the city from the boat.

And what did I find along the river walk?

A Botero! They are hard to miss, but always a pleasure when one strolls along such a magnificently bloated figure. Look at that bird's galumphing feet! Can he possibly take flight?

Hello, Botero.

After our river walk, Grandma and I explored the Raffles Hotel-- a lovely colonial structure, marking Singapore's move toward modernity.

We met these charming fellows on the way...

Grandma suggested we have a drink at the historic long bar at the hotel.We had a non-alcoholic Singapore Sling. Singapore's signature drink. Tasty!

Speaking of drinks, take a look at this. . .

Isn't this way too cute to be a sports drink? A peach-flavored, vitamin-infused beverage with a darling illustration that made me feel about ten years younger. How could I resist a Pink Dolphin?

The Next day G-ma and I took the "End of the Empire" tour, in which we visited WWII sites. Our guide was excellent, And I learned so much about how the war affected this region of the world. Things I really had no idea about. It was very eye-opening.

Here is the view from mount Faber-- once a strategic lookout for the military watching the arrival of the enemy in WWII.

This is the Kranji War Memorial Cemetery. Here lie all the allied troops who died at the Battle of Singapore and during the Japanese occupation of the island.

The Big Guns.
This thing is the real deal. The men on the tour were very obsessed with it.

The Merlion.
haha. . . this mythical creature is Singapore's icon.
These statues are all over the place. I think it is funny.

Did you know that the name Singapore means "City of Lions?"

Well, this post really did not even come close to capturing my week.
More posts to come! I need to catch up!


Amy Doll said...

These were great!
Have more fun and be safe!

Ronaldo7 said...

amazing holli! Simply amazing.

alison said...

holli i am so jealous! and you KNOW i would have been all over that adorable sports drink.

Anna Jay said...

Omg, food. Omg, Botero.

Amy said...

way cool holli. singapore looks awesome. i can't believe you're there!