Saturday, May 22, 2010

House Show

So Thursday night, I played my first house show. Being the sit-in-my-room-and-play-my-songs-to-myself kind of person that I am, it was pretty monumental for me. I owe a lot to my roomies for the encouragement and Weston (from Archer's Apple) for inviting me to play. It was a really neat experience.

I played five songs and got to open for some cool bands. 
And isn't that a nice backdrop?

Archer's Apple headlined the show and played a killer set. Check Weston's new electric guitar-- that bright blue beauty. I love it.

Here' a little taste of Archer's Apple from the Provo Acoustic Sessions. A real talented and charming bunch of fellows, if I do say so myself:


Jacob said...


Jane said...

way to go girl. invite me next time please!

Musing Elitist said...

Let me know the next time you do one again! You're so talented. I'm sorry to have missed it!