Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Chasing After Deer Midlake

It was late at night. We were nearing the suspenseful end of "The Lovely Bones" when my roommate, Amy, walked and announced that there was someone in our backyard and had walked right past her window. She dared to go face the intruder on her own, but Alison and I nervously followed to provide her backup.

Suddenly I hear, "THERE'S A DEER IN OUR BACKYARD!!!!!"

Indeed, there was.

The homicidal-maniac-killer that crept into our backyard was merely just a lost baby deer that found its way into our neighborhood. We named it Prancer because of the darling way it frolicked around our yard searching for a way out. It was gone the next morning. I hope it found its way home.


Jacob said...

Poor little Prancer. I don't trust him.

Jacob said...

I've been watching Lost so I'm having trust issues.

Good song!

Kristine said...

a deer! cool