Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holli gets Yellowstoned

Going Swimming  Kite Club
Yellowstone has it ALL.

My brother
(he is working there for the summer)
Great Lodging.
We loved our lil' cabin home.
Fit with Native American decor and a jet tub.
Fine Dining!
My parents at Wild West Pizzeria.
Scenic drives!!
Exciting natural phenomena!
Ol' Faithful!

 Lovely hikes and postcard views!

This Bison has an itchy back.

 Admiring the majesty of the American Buffalo from a safe distance.

We couldn't leave this park without a coon hat. 
I mean, come on.
Precious Stones!!

Basically, when I got here I instantly became mad that I had never been there before after living in Idaho/Utah for four years. It brought back all my childhood desires of wanting to be a forest ranger in a national park. I want to LIVE here. 

Everybody go and get Yellowstoned.


Jacob said...

Seems like a "must see" kind of place. I think I'm feeling yellowstoned just thinking about it.

Megs said...

Yellowstone is definitely a place I want to visit before I leave the west (if I leave the west?). looks like an awesome adventure. you fit right in.