Friday, July 16, 2010


Marathon Tennis

Last time I was home, I was going through boxes of family photos when I came across this contact sheet with pictures of Tricia and Jheri when they were probably 5 and 11, or somewhere around those ages. These are likely pics that were never printed or displayed for anyone to see, but I thought that they were so precious. I just had make something of them. And so this modest collage was born.

Aren't my sisters cute? They still are lovely ladies. In fact, look at the pic of Tricia (bottom, left corner). She still makes that face.

I was pretty young when these were taken, but there were a handful of shots with me in them as well. Mostly chasing ducks.

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Jheri said...

Holli! This is too funny! Tricia still does make that face! haha You look sooo cute here. The top picture actually looks like it could be Skyler. Age 11 is kind of akward...poor me! But this is a cute post, thank you! Wished I could've seen you in CA. Sounds like you'll be here soon. Love ya!