Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boom Laka Laka

You don't know who Sly Stone is, you suck.

Props to my little brother for getting me shirt for Christmas. (I got him the same one) I guess family members just share the same tastes.

However, there is one sad thing that I have found out about America (or maybe just the BYU demographic) as I have been wearing this tee. . . there are many people out there who don't even know who Sly Stone is! I'm sure the average American can recognize at least 5 or 6 Sly and the Family Stone songs, but when I mention the name "Sly Stone" all I get are blank stares.

Come on people.

How would I get through my work out without 'You Can Make it if You Try'? How would I have any self-esteem without 'Thank you (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)'? How would I feel good about the world in general without 'Everyday people'? How would I enjoy the end of Shrek without 'Dance to the Music'? I owe a lot to this man.

And so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby . . .

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