Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"In Vegas, you can call me babe."

Young Blood  The Naked and Famous

 Atop the Stratosphere. We rode ALL the rides: Insanity, XScream, and Bigtop.
We screamed our butts off.
 Mikey's first Vegas.
 Vegas thought of it first.
I was hoping for Claire de Lune, but I got God Bless the USA.
Can't complain.

Other Vegas highlights: Searching for a "vegas" buffet, finding that they are all expensive, and happily settling for Chipotle (can't get it in Provo, afterall). Bullying Jacob into finishing his huge burrito. Averting our eyes and laughing at everything. Every poster of "DIVAS." The Treasure Island pirate show that was more like a Pussycat Dolls Show. Being square Mormon kids, and being totally okay with it. Being so tuckered out that we had to take a cab back to our car. Showing up in one of the craziest places ever invented with no plans. . . just wide eyes and adventurous hearts.


Becky said...

glad you liked vegas. it is a crazy place. i personally think god bless the USA is one of the best shows of the bellagio fountains.... brings a tear to my eye. oh and the treasure island show USED to be cool and have legit pirates and stuff. then they changed it. now everyone here calls it the SKANKS of TI. fail treasure island. fail.

sweetdisposition said...

holli. i literally laugh out loud whilst reading your blog. you are hilarious. my family misses your random visits!

this is jill ras by the way :)