Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jacob visits my home

the wild hunt the tallest man on earth

Jacob's week in Arizona was one of the best weeks of my life. I never wanted it to end. We relaxed, spent time with family, visited some of my favorite places around town, and enjoyed the desert beauty and the warm summer nights. I loved every moment.
On the roadtrip to AZ, we decided to take a break from driving, stretch our legs, and explore the Moqui Caves. Such a weird place! This is us outside of the cave in possibly my worst outfit ever invented. Sweat pants with cowboy boots??? Sure. why not.

Just so everyone knows, there is no such thing as a "perfect" roadtrip. Something always has to go wrong. This time it was Jacob's car. Right as we get on the off-ramp of the freeway in Mesa (probably less than a mile away from my house) Jacob's car completely stops and will not turn on again. Luckily, some guy stoppped to help us move it to the side of the road so we didn't get hit as people were exiting the freeway. I had to get out and push the big Exterra in my bare feet! We found out later that his timing belt had broken, which was a pricey fix-- but it could've been a lot worse. And we are sure lucky that it broke down right by my house, instead of in the middle of nowhere on some interstate highway. My brother-in-law was able to come quickly to our rescue and tow us home. Though I would never ask for jacob's car to break down (huge inconvenience!), I do have to say that it made the trip even more of an adventure.

 I took Jacob to the place where we are getting married! Yup, this is where all the magic is gonna happen. The Mesa Temple is so beautiful.

 We went and saw Black Carl (one of my favorite local bands) peform an accoustic set at a fundraiser for a local elementary school. They were selling all of these records that kids had painted to raise money for the school.

 I really wanted to buy this one, but it was already sold!! See the little sticker in the corner? This picture just makes me really happy though.

 Me and Jacob went on another mini roadtrip to Sedona, one of my favorite places ever.
I have been wanting to take Jacob here for so long.

a pic from Jacob's Canon Rebel

We hiked Bell Rock.

He's a romantic.

Then we went exploring and found a beautiful creek.

We even jumped in.

This place was awesome. It was so beautiful and peaceful. There was even some hippie guy sitting on a rock playing a little recorder-flute instrument. It was pretty funny, but I have to admit that it really added to the scenery and the feeling of the place.

Then we headed over to Cathedral Rock, my favorite hike.

another shot from J's Canon Rebel

Beautiful sights up here.

Everything about this day was lovely. The weather, the scenery, the laughs, the exploring, but most of all, we felt more in love than ever.

Jacob left for Colorado the next morning, which was kinda sad.
But at least we got to have another big adventure before our he had to go.


Jane said...

SO many good pictures in this post. especially the last 3. drop dead you.
what a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

oh holli, you wrapped up our beautiful vacation so perfectly :) it was magical.

Whitney and Chad said...

You guys are so cute! Looks like Jacob will love Arizona just as much as us!

Kristine said...

gorgeous pictures. you two are CUTE!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

Why aren't we hanging out?? Please come to my reception if you can on the 27th of May. ssbazodi@gmail.com - email me so we can play soon! Please?