Thursday, June 9, 2011

wannabe buff

Showing Jacob the unbelievable results of the P90X Extreme Home Fitness workout via Skype.

Day 7

Okay, that's obviously not what my bicep really looks like, but has anyone else tried this?
I have been doing it for about a week and a half now, and I must confess that I think I am seeing some results. The workouts are HARD and the instructor is a goober, but they are actually kind of fun and exciting.  There's a lot of variety too-- yoga, plyometrics, weight lifting, and I especailly love the karate choppin' cardio of KenpoX.  

I haven't dropped 15 pounds miraculously, but my abs are tighter, some of those muscles that have been ignored for so long are actually getting a workout, I'm more flexible (there's an entire 1-hour workout DVD just for stretching), I have more energy, and overall, I feel really good. I've been borrowing the DVDs from a friend, but I am tempted to buy my own set because I love it so much. Has P90X worked for anyone else out there? What do you think?

Apparently, you are supposed to do the workouts and fitness plan for 90 days to get the full results. Maybe if I actually do the whole program, I'll post some "before" and "after" pics-- NOT.


Whitney and Chad said...

I'm pretty much fat and lazy and never work out! I hear P90X is killer!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

I love P90X! My sister and I were pretty good with it for about 2 months. We just did the one we felt like that day...and always muted it. He is really creepy. We both saw good results!