Friday, November 4, 2011

bird of paradise

this is probably one the coolest moments in the Planet Earth series. I mean, how does that lil' bird of paradise DO that? It doesn't even look real. also, that female bird looks a bit frightened--but like any proper female species, she is probably just playing coy. It is so fascinating to see all the ways that the male species tries to impress their lady counterparts: fighting, singing, tidying up their mating arenas, dolphins lifiting rocks out of the water to prove their worthiness. Likewise-- monkeys lifting and throwing large rocks to show the lady-monkeys how strong they are. I suppose, we really aren't that different from the animal world after all. But wait a minute...

Jacob, why didn't you do something this cool to impress me?!?

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Afton LeSueur said...

haha! This is our favorite part of Planet earth too! In the commentary part at the end of the disk, they sing this "Bird of paradise" song while they are waiting to the bird so they can film it, and it gets stuck in Glenn's head so bad!