Thursday, March 7, 2013


The girl scouts are coming to sell their bounty!
awwww yeah!

A few incheresting facts:

+ Ever since my mom served up some Samoas and Thin Mints at my baby shower in AZ last month (it was girl scout season there), I have been daydreaming about these babies CONSTANTLY. I've even had "GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!" marked on my google calendar for weeks. I hardly even use that calendar... until now.

+ I also daydream about ALL the sweets imaginable ALL THE TIME. This is not normal for non-pregnant Holli, but a daily indulgence for pregnant Holli. Is this what an addict feels like?

+ After seeing Wreck-it Ralph last weekend, I've been thinking about that candy land from the "Sugar Rush" game a lot.  Like, thinking about living there. And changing my name to Vanellope.

+ Delicious foods that Jacob made this week: hummus from scratch, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting from scratch, navajo tacos (i kinda helped with this one), chicken bbq wraps with bacon, my breakfast every morning, etc.  Delicious foods that Holli made this week: ehhhh....?? Ok. To give myself a little credit, I did make a pretty good lasagna on Sundaybut that's basically it. Jacob wins. He's been winning a lot lately.

+ We are attending a birth film event on Friday. Before pregnancy, this is not something I would have foreseen us doing on a Friday nightor ever. We're totally immersing ourselves into this birthing subculture.

+ I hear a lot of complaints from pregnant women about not being able to sleep at night. Surprisingly, I've been sleeping like a rock. I pretty much wake up each morning in the exact same position I fell asleep in. The only thing disturbing my slumber as of late is Jacob's sleep-talking in the middle of the night—"WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!? WHO ARE THEY!?" It's actually kinda freaky.

+ They say you have vivid dreams when you're pregnant. Mine have been so goofy. Just in the past week I've had dreams of being chased by a motorcycle gang (the Hell's Angels variety), being in a 90s rap group very much like the Beastie Boys, and two consecutive nights of saving kittens from various perils. RANDOOOOOM!

+ One thing I can complain about is that my body feels much more achey and weary than it did a few weeks ago. Sometimes I'm like, Dude. It feels like I spent all of yesterday running around, riding all the rides at Disneyland! But then I remember that I didn't. I'm just sore and tired. And that's depressing.

+ Along that line of thought, here's a scale describing my feelings about general pregnancy restrictions: Not being able to eat sushi = SAD. No hot-tubbing/jacuzzis = MORE SAD. Not being able to do those two things at the same time = MOST SAD. Knowing that if I were to go to Disneyland, I probably wouldn't be able to ride all the rides = MOSTEST SAD.

+ I can't even express how excited I am to be done commuting after next Friday. A few weeks ago, UTA changed all the train schedules so that they would be "more efficient." Well, the only difference I've observed is that we leave ten minutes earlier, but I get to work at the EXACT SAME TIME. In the afternoon, we leave one minute later, but I somehow get home TEN MINUTES LATER. Really, UTA? Efficient? Get reeeeaaal.

+ This guy got another acceptance letter for grad school yesterday:

Jacobnot the puppy (though it would be really cute if a puppy got accepted into grad school for engineering). 

This wasn't exactly an acceptance that we were forecasting. Suddenly we're thinking about the possibility of moving out-of-state? What!? That's crazy! Ok. I really have no idea what's going to happen yet. All I know is that I'm very very proud of Jacobhe's a champand feel excited about the monumental changes that are coming our way.


Afton LeSueur said...

We have some engineering grad students in our student ward here! All I'm saying is if Jacob gets accepted to USC, he should come here. By the end of the summer, Violet will be the ONLY kid in our ward, and I'm desperate for friends for her! (and let's be real, for myself. I would love to have some I already know move into our ward!)

Jordyn said...

The picture thumbnail was very misleading--I thought you guys got a puppy! But then I pictured a puppy going to grad school and felt better. Congratulations Jacob!

Amber Marie said...

this post made me laugh. so you having dreams about saving kittens is only a pregnancy thing?! ;)

Alexandra Sandvik said...

If I was the dean of admissions you KNOW I would let that puppy in. Also, I'm dreaming of Samoas too.

Alison Arntsen said...

congrats to jacob! happy girl scout cookie day!

Megan said...

Congratulations to Jacob! Very exciting!

And I wasn't so much uncomfortable sleeping when I was pregnant but I just couldn't sleep through the night. I always woke up and was restless. But I was still pretty much able to sleep on my stomach throughout my pregnancy until the very end so that was nice. Good ol' pregnancy :)