Thursday, September 19, 2013

San Antonio

On the drive back from South Padre, we made a spontaneous stop in San Antonio to check out the Alamo, the River Walk, and to give Rose a breather from her carseat. Basically, our attempt to do San Antonio in 45 minutes.

I still wonder if Pee Wee's bike in somewhere in the basement... 

Rose among the great legends of Texas

"Alamo? eh...whatever. I'm thirsty."

The River Walk

I wish we could've spent more time here. The downtown area seemed really cool, especially the River Walk. I remember seeing it on TV when the Suns would play the Spurs in San Antonio, and I thought it looked neat. In person it didn't disappoint. These pictures don't really capture it well, but to me it almost felt like I was at Disneylandwhich is always a good thing.


We made one more stop on our way back home after leaving SABUC-EE'S!!! For all the Texas folk who told us we needed to go there, we did. Annnnnd it was AWESOME. For those who have no idea what I'm referring to (For I was once a stranger to Buc-ee's), just imagine the biggest, craziest gas-station-slash-convenient-store ever invented. And then, in your mind, just try to make it a little bigger and crazier. Basically a world in and of itself. That's Buc-ee's.


leean robinson said...

What a fun experience you have had in TX. I'm glad you were able to visit so many places in the short amount of time that you were there. And even though Rose will not remember any of it, you can show her pictures later that document that she was once a Texan for a short time.

Amber Marie said...

Rose will be a Texan foreeeevveer ;) Did you buy matching Buc-ee shirst?! I sure hope so!!

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Love is the Answer.