Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Texas Finale

Our last days in Austin came much more quickly than I was prepared for. Though I was ready to head back home to Provo, there were still lots of things I wanted to do and see in the great city of Austin. Okay, let's be honestthere was still a lot more FOOD I wanted to eat in the great city of Austin. And eat we didwhile stopping at a few points of interest, of course.

The Salt Lick BBQ was a must. Texas is known for it's BBQ, and this did not disappoint one bit. Probably the best BBQ I've ever hadalthough Jacob went to another place with his co-workers after I left for Utah, and he said that place was even better. Thanks a lot, hun. Now I have to go all the way back to Texas just to make sure you are right. Sooo ruuuude.

woooooooooooooooowww *_*!

Sorry baby, milk before meat!

We spent another day exploring downtown because I love it so much. If anything, the whole downtown area is what I love most about Austin. So fun.

Even the graffiti loves Austin

Took a lil' trip to the Capitol building. I wanted to play frisbee on the lawn like Tim Riggins on FNL.

Star motifs EVERYWHERE. I tried to count all the stars in that building, but it was literally impossible. They take that "Loner Star" thing really seriously.

Baby on the floor!

There was a sign warning about the  awkward historically uneven stepswith their exact dimensions and everythingbut I still tripped on them.

I'm sure this cannon thing has some sort of historical significance. We obviously just saw it as a cute baby photo-op.

Next, we hit up a place I had been wanting to try all summerA food truck dedicated to the perfection and peddling of deep-fried goodness. And yes, I'm talking about doughnuts. Gourdough's!

Austin has soooo many little food trucks and food parks around town. AKA Holli's dreamland.

Poor Rose has to be dragged around wherever we go. She obviously does not yet appreciate the beauty of a perfect donut.

This donut was called the "Mother Clucker." Yep, that's fried chicken and honey butter on a donut. I simultaneously salivate and feel a little sick when looking at this picture. I remember how AMAZING it tasted and also how I never wanted to eat food ever again about ten minutes later. Toootally would go through that again. Do I have a bad relationship with food?

Do I look oddly saint-like in this one? I know I felt as though I were were about to partake of the holy grail of fried foods. It was truly choice above all other donuts.

So after stuffing our faces with super fattening foods, we decided to hike a small mountain.... inspired sequence of events, I know. Our bodies hated us for it.

The view from Mt. Bonnell

Cute daddy and daughter

They are best buds.

Before I officially end all of these Texas updates, may I boast about my cool husband and his cool internship for just a sec? He helped make these LIFE-SIZE ROCK'EM SOCK'EM ROBOTS!!!

On one of our last days in Texas, Jacob took me to Sisu so we could play with these bad boys.

He beat me every time, but it was still fun because I was a good sport.

Just wanted to spotlight the whole reason we came to Texas in the first place. Jacob loved working at Sisu. He learned so much and had a great time while doing it. So proud of him! Now it's back to school for a little while, but I know he'll be glad to get back to work in the near future. Getting paid to make awesome fighting robots is kinda neat, yeah?


Amber Marie said...

yes, you DO have to come back to eat that BBQ or you will always, always wonder how much better it really was...

Anna Jay said...

Agreed. You definitely look saint-like. The perfect description!