Thursday, February 14, 2008


     Today me and the roomies celebrated Arizona's 96th birthday. Me, Megan, and Amy are all from the AZ, so it was pretty fun. Today I listened to all AZ bands, wore my AZ tee, my cactus necklace, my flag bandana, and made an AZ flag birthday cake! check it:

est. 1912

okay, this is one of my scripture "God loves you" valentines. ha ha.

    I should also mention that it is my brother TJ's birthday too. Here's the handsome man:

     So I hope that everybody had an excellent valentine's day. Mine was pretty excellent. I was randomly in the bookstore for no reason, and the author Orson Scott Card just happened to be in there signing books, so I waited in line and had him sign one! What a pleasant surprise! I thought he was cool. He was just really chilled out wearing these teva sandals as if it weren't snowing like h@#% outside. He also wrote this really cool thing in my book that I can't understand. Those dang writers. Always have to be so sophisticated. 
    Anyway,  I gave a bunch of people bible and power ranger valentines, and I gave out this one awesome original valentine that I drew. Basically, it said "be my valentine." and it had this heart-shaped Wi-fi symbol. On this inside it said, "Wi-not? I picked up your signal, and I feel a connection." Pretty geeky. ha ha. I also got to help Megan's boyfriend make all their v-day plans. It was so fun. I helped him make this HUGE card with a million neon cut-out hearts all over it and glitter and the whole circus! He definitely needed my help. Boys don't know how to cut out hearts! ha ha. Well, happy V-day everybody! 

I love you Arizona!!!


Anonymous said...

i loved your wi-fi valentine. who did you end up giving it to?

Chase said...

This is Tricia (I always have to say that or Chase will be sad if everyone thinks he is the one blogging) Anyway, I totally forgot about Arizona's birthday- actually I'm pretty mad! I love love that ARIZONA cake. You girls are so fun! Good job with the Valentines. Festivity rocks! Happy B-day to TEEG!

Jheri said...

Holli-you crack me up! Nice bandana! I can't tell if you are a total geek, or really funny! I definitely went and saw Jumper for Valentine's Day...good, but not as good as I thought it would be! I have one you girls actually ever go to school in Utah, or do you just have dinner and cake parties???

KCannonM said...

oh holli! i love you. that cake looks adorable. i am cracking up that you celebrated AZ's bday. you are hardcore.

miss you

Becky said...

you´re cute. like, really cute! i wish i would have thought to decorate a cake to honor az, cause it totally deserves it! az is the best! and i´m totally diggin your bandana too! (:

kali j said...

hi!!! i totally love that you remembered AZ'd b-day! and i am so thankful for blogs cuz we get to say hi to all our awesome friends from good ol' mesa az! yay for blogging friends!

kimri said...

holli! this is amazing that i found your blog. and also more amazing that you made an arizona cake for the bday. im glad you are reppin the 480 up inside spewtah. way to be so amazing!!