Monday, March 10, 2008

Gate life.

this is my pound puppy face, aka airport face. "somebody take me home!"

So after my little trip to AZ over the weekend, I sort of missed my flight back. Southwest is cheap, but it is always pretty crowded and the lines for ticketing and security were insane this morning. I honestly thought I was going to make the flight beacuse Southwest usually takes a long time to board, but the 6:00 A.M. flight was already gone by 5:58.... bummer. 

So now I'm living the gate life here at C12. They put me on a flight at 8:00 with no extra charge, so that was nice. Sky Harbor Airport also has free wi-fi, which is amazing. As I write this blog, I am also catching up on Lost season 4 on, and wondering what it would be like if I was stranded on an island with all of the people sitting at the gate with me. This group of passengers do not look hardcore enough for that sort of thing though. We'd pretty much be toast. Provided that I probably won't crash on a deserted island, I will probably make it back to Provo just in time for class.



Chase said...

IT was sooo fun to have you at home Holls! We miss you a lot over here. But, we are so glad you are livin the dreams of your young single adult life!

Jheri said...

Dido! It was a blast having you home, but I like when you are away too because I get a kick out of your hilarious blog posts! Glad you didn't get stranded with flight 8am.

Anonymous said...

if we crashed on a deserted island, i bet we could hack it. we could make it a combination of lost and cast away. all we need is an korean guy, some weird dharma initiative stuff, and a volleyball.