Sunday, March 30, 2008


(what's with this blue line??? whatev.) Okay, brace yourself for these pics, because this cultural experience was off the heeeezzy!!!  haha. Okay, so we went to this Hare Krishna hindu temple place in Spanish Fork for the annual festival of colors. We watched little videos online of people dancing and throwing coloring chalk everywhere, and knew that this was something we did not want to miss out on. So we went, and it was everything I dreamed it would be!!! A live Indian music band, chanting, dancing, and colored chalk flying everywhere. I think the whole purpose is to celebrate spring by throwing colors around, which is a pretty cool way I guess. I definitely have to go to this again next year!

Before the festival: nice and clean. Adam's shirt is embarrassing me. ha.
The temple from a distance.
Hindus really know how to throw a party.
I really can't believe what I am seeing!

What's in this stuff anyway????
Hare Hare Krishna Krishna! Hare Hare Krishna Krishna! Hare Hare Krishna Kri...
The band. I guess it was pretty easy for them to write their lyrics... 

I blew my nose when I got home, and my boogers were hot pink.

Me and the fam. All of these guys are related some way or another.
We LOVE this Church!!!!
Adam made me take a pic by the shrine. We had to take our shoes off in here.
And... I learned some new dance moves.


Jheri said...

You are crazy!!! I don't know what to think. That was weird! But, you do look good as a fuschia. Little hot pink booger hottie in the hindu house! You go girl!!!

Kristine said...

that looks like so much fun. crazy. but fun. i bet it took a few days to get that stuff out of your hair and ears. yowza.

Chase & Tricia said...

You are cracking me up. Your blog posts are officially my favorite. I never know what to expect...definitely not that!! You are hilarious!

Afton said...

Hi Holli! This looked like so much fun I looked it up on Wikipedia, and turns out the Hindu name for the Festival of Colors is Holi! Almost the same as your name! Anyway, I am wishing that I lived in utah so I can go there, it looks so fun!

Whitney said...

this is the coolest thing ever!