Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Text messages

Okay, so today I was going through my phone deleting a lot of random text messages, when I came across some that really made me happy. We'll start with the oldest:

From: TJ
Received: June 16, 2005

"Hey dummy ive called u 5 times"

Commentary: I liked this one a lot, which is obviously why I have had it saved on my SIM card for almost three years. It says a lot to me in very few words. Firstly, I like the way he called me "dummy." It's one of those names I haven't been called since Elementary school, but for some reason, when TJ texts it-- it works. It also reflects the tendency I have (and my entire family has) not to answer the phone. TJ was obviously frustrated, but we know that all of us Hales (now some glovers/campbells) have been guilty of it.

From: Spencer (currently Elder Carlson)
Received: April 18, 2007

"Global warming, my a@#!"

Commentary: Ha ha... This one had to be censored. It was the result of a texting conversation with my good friend Spencer. I was texting him from Rexburg, Id complaining about the fact that it was snowing hardcore in April. His response pretty much made my day.

From: Sky
Received: March 2, 2008

"Get a life"

Commentary: I love the fact that I can joke around with my lil' brudder via the airwaves. He cracks me up. Texting Skyler is always interesting. He always insults me, but I like it because he's a funny kid.

From: Taylor 
Received:March 10, 2008

"u make me happy"

Commentary: short. sweet. uplifting. Taylor Brimhall makes me happy too.

From: Adam

"Okay... b."

Commentary: I was mad at Adam because he always texts me one-word messages like "okay" or "yeah." It is just really annoying, and such a waste of a text. I texted him saying, "If you text me one more one-word message, so help me...." This was his response. Obviously the letter "b" is just an abbreviation for... another word. This message made me angry and and laugh hysterically at the same time. That's hard to accomplish.

From: Kaylee (From Jheri's cell phone)
Received: March 1o, 2008

"I love you and miss you already"

"Hey great singing today one last thing i hope to be like you when i grow up i really do"

Commentary: Love love LOVE getting texts from my niece, Kaylee, from Jheri's phone. They re always so sweet, and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

From: Amy
Received: Today

"This mexican guy in a banana suit just gave me a banana!!"

Commentary: Oh the finer things of life!

Afterword: I'm pretty sure that I have deleted lots of really great texts from other people that deserve to be up here, but I think that I'm going to document the good ones more often. In a way, they are little artifacts and mini-histories if you think about it. and of course, they always brighten my day. It's like carrying my people in my pocket.


Jheri said...

My fav was the global warmimg one...pretty funny! Do you really have a friend named Taylor Brimhall??? They are like rivals!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! i'm so glad i made your list of funny texts. those were some gems.

Chase said...

Love it love it love it! That post was awesome! That's cool that you save the texts- but how??? Skyler was over at my house when I was reading them. I think he felt special reading about how you thought he was cool and his birthday post. ooohhh....our dear brother!