Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the backyard

So while I was home in AZ, I spent a lot of time out in the sun in my backyard. Coming home after being away from school makes you look at your surroundings a little differently. A friend once told me that my backyard had an artistic/eclectic look to it, which wasn't a way I had really looked at it before. Exploring my backyard again made me feel pretty nostalgic, and so I went around taking snapshots of little things that amused me.

shadow on the cracked court.
oh so many citrus trees!

the path that is always wet for some reason.
random unicycle.

the line.

 weird lumpy orange.
tools hanging from inside the scary shed.
deflated soccer ball in pretty weeds.

little slide.
big slide.
Sky doing tricks.

tropicana model.
Little boys. Big swings.
In each other's showers.
atrophied backboard in overgrown paloverdes.
batting cage.
palm tree.

ol' rusty jungle gym.
the back yard of my childhood.


Jheri said...

Holli! You're such an artisit! I'm impressed! Except, your pictures need more people in them! j/k Cute post!

Chase said...

This is Tricia. Yes, our backyard is pretty cool- especially in these pictures. These are amazing- and I like them without the people....they could be in an ART gallery. It was so fun having you back home...we are so excited for your future in London for next semester!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Thats the backyard of my childhood too. I used to run amok back there until I was about 15.