Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Epic Journey North

So almost all of these pics are from our adventurous trip to the North of England... Enjoy! It was an incredible time!

We spell "MILL." 
Our tour of the cotton mill.
We are dressing up like art!

Port Sunlight art gallery
Alison is a member of the FCC.
Liverpool 08
The Docks.
The gang.

The Cavern Club. The Beatles' first venue.
Me n' John.
The Cavern Club wall o' fame.
Preston temple.

weary emigrants going to America
the Maritime Museum
The church's monument in Liverpool, dedicated to the thousands of emigrants who came to America.
country hike in ambleside
Anna connecting with nature
The scene right outside our hostel. Breath-taking.
Where Gordon B. Hinckley preached as a missionary in Preston.
A lil' bird at Beatrix Potter's cottage.
Alison's 15 minutes of fame! She recited a Wordsworth poem for the television crew on National Poetry Day.
Dove Cottage-- where Wordsworth lived during his 8 most creative years in his life.
Ambleside country.

St. Mary's
the way to Beatrix Potter's garden...

I'm Beatrix Potter dreaming up my next story about flopsy, mopsy, and cottontail
Flopsy, Mopsy, & Cottontail
The awesome dining room in Chatsworth. Everything on that table is pure silver.
We're the Bronte sisters! We're shy!!!
The Bronte home.
Our graveyard poetry reading on Nat'l Poetry Day.

Chatsworth. (Darcy's mansion in the Pride and Prejudice movie)

From inside Chatworth. This place was sooo incredible.

Kite Hill. You could see all of London from up here.

Best Grilled cheese sandwhiches in the world! Well, they're actually called toasties here. Thanks Borough Market!


Kristine said...

Chatworth looks gorgeous! great pictures. I so wish I was there...with a Mr. Darcy at my side.

Looks like you're having fun. Miss ya.

Jheri said...

I'm so jealous...that's all I've got to say!

Afton said...

If you could only see how jealous I am every time I look at your pictures. It looks like you are having an amazing time!

Jacob said...

You guys have sweet outfits.

Anonymous said...

holli your pictures are BOMB. i love stalking your life. i can't wait to hear all your stories about london when you get back!!!

benkeamy said...

I miss you so much!
I'm glad you're having fun in England.
You are a lucky girl.