Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Built this City on Rock n' Roll

This post was mainly created to make Skyler, my little brother, jealous. I told him about the gang's rock n' roll day in London, and he wanted to see some of the pics. So here it is kids. Let's Rock! Let's Rock Today!

Look familiar?
It's the famous Abbey Road.
You'll never know what we went through to take this picture. Traffic hates Beatles tourists! By the way, Pedestrians don't have the right of way in the UK!

There's a wall on the street that Beatles aficionados can sign. There's a ton of Beatles lyrics...

The gang wrote this.

To Hard Rock!!!

Guitars that belonged to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Two of Sky's favorite guitarists.

An America-shaped Bob Dylan Guitar!

Yeah, Hendrix played that one.
A beauty.
John Lennon's lyric revisions.

This belonged to Madonna... I don't think she's true rock star, but let's give her some credit. She was the first woman musician to control her own music and image. But on the other hand, she might not be a woman... Have you seen those arms??? They are so BUFF!
I got to hold the Oasis guitar!
The Cavern Club-- the Beatles' first venue

The Cavern Club Wall of Fame.

John Lennon said, "if Rock n' Roll had another name, it would be Chuck Berry."

A lot of good ones in this section, but I was really excited to see Sister Rosetta Thorpe. She is rad, and a little less known than the other stars.

This was from inside the Beatles Museum in Liverpool. That is John Lennon's guitar in a model of the rom from the "Imagine" video. The lyrics of the song were on the adjacent wall.
This is me looking like a raggamuffin at the Youth Hostel in Ambleside-- after the gang and I took a dip in the lake.

This crazy guy, George, showed up with some guitars. Before I knew it, someone handed me one, and we were putting on a show for everyone in the bar! I got to play some of my songs! It was a really fun night.

There's a few more things on my rock history to-do list... for example, visiting where Jimi Hendrix lived. Coincidentally, it is right next to where Handel lived two centuries earlier. Two Music legends of different eras lived right on the same block!


alison said...

we built this city we built we built we built this city

Anonymous said...

1. your crossing the street beatles picture kicks the crap out of our crossing the street beatles picture. maybe because it's actually in london...
2. you played a show with a crazy guy. LEGIT.

Jheri said...

Holli-you look like the homeless pigeon lady from Home Alone 2 in the "raggamuffin" picture. Time to go home!

Cool pictures. Bet Sky loved it. I can't believe you sang your songs randomly with some crazy are a true hippy now!

Kristine said...

Looks like a BLAST! i'm jealous. i miss hearing you play the guitar. but happy that you are still Rockin it in London!

Whitney said...

Holli!! We got your post card in the mail!! thanks so much your amazing!!! you look like your having so much fun i'm so happy for you!

Tricia said...

This is totally awesome! You really should have married Chad Bowman-all the Beatles history! Anyway, I love the America shaped guitar. Way to go playing the guitar for everyone! We miss you.

angie said...

holli! i found your blog randomly and it made me so happy! i am jealous of your life!