Monday, September 20, 2010

BEAR WORLD: Where Dreams Come True.

Crutch And Cane  Peter Wolf Crier

Anyone who knows me, knows that it has been a dream of mine for years to someday make it to Bear World. Ever since I learned of it's existence, visions of bears outside my passenger-side window have danced in my head. Years later, this dream was finally realized. Let's just call it Holli's best weekend EVER.

 In my dreams, all great road trips should start and end with a burrito.

In this pic, Jacob is being introduced to the glory of Ramire's, the hoppin' burrito joint in Rexburg. Believe it or not, after over two years of my absence from Rexburg, the owner still remembered me and shook my hand when I came in. Probably the happiest experience of my life.

What do they got in there, King Kong?

Bears everywhere!
Bear world is basically Jurassic Park for bears. 
Jurassic Parkness + Bears + Petting zoo and Bear merch = all things Holli needs.

Fat Bear just being a fat bear.

Alex and Jacob experiencing the magic of Bear World.

Bear Family!

Bear Merch.

Bear Nativity!

Petting zoo!!

We were all afraid to touch this deer until we saw a five year-old run up and do it without blinking an eye.

The gang.

The second best place ever, after Bear World.

 Nom Nom Nom Nom. . .

Breakfast burrito stands!!

Many dreams came true within what was presented in this blog post, but HOLD ON! That was just the beginning of our day's adventure. More pics to come!


Whitney and Chad said...

hum! I see you went on a trip with this Jacob boy! hum??

Jacob said...

I want that bear to eat that goat.

Mackenzie said...

looks like ramire's in there