Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yellowstoned. . . AGAIN!

Chinese Translation  M. Ward

 After Bear World, my comrades and I continued our adventures in grand ol' Yellowstone...

 . . .but first we picked up some more friends.
Heart Telescopes.

Our kicks could make a yin yang.
Me and grandpa sweater.
 Mooses & Co.
Geysers, geysers, geysers. . . I think I've said it all.
 We look good.
Jacob's first Old Faithful experience, captured.

An American Buffalo, up-close and personal.
Da gang.

We got pump. We got pizazz. We got Yellowstoned.


Jheri said...

Oh Holli! You are the only girl not wearing red...what up wit dat?

alex said...

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Julie said...

Holli! What the heck, since when did you get a manfriend?? I just say you like 3 weeks ago right? He's cute lady!