Sunday, September 19, 2010

Y not?

Go Outside  Cults

After two years of living in Provo and attending BYU, the fact that I had never hiked Y mountain made me some kind of infidel.  When I confessed this fact to Jacob, he wouldn't let me get away with it much longer. Consequently, we spent the Labor Day holiday hiking the "Y."

 Here we are at the iconic "Y" that looks over BYU.
I may look happy here, but I was a sissy baby the whole way up. The trail was a little steep for my liking and Jacob made us run the last stretch of it. Whatever. Sense of accomplishment blah blah blah. . .

Serenading on the Harmonica.

We continued our ascent up the mountain past the "Y," which seems to be a hike that few care to take-- even on Labor Day. We're just cool like that, I guess.

The very top of Y Moutain.
Our severe difference in height and wingspan make it difficult to create a "Y" as a team, but you get the idea. Right?

Y Mountain. Y not?


Megs said...

nice harmonica jacob

Chase & Tricia said...

What is with hikes with Jakes? They are two different people right or did he just dye his hair?

Holli, this all looks like too much fun!

Whitney and Chad said...

hum! HOLLI it looks like you have lots of fun with this JakeR character! love you holli