Tuesday, December 6, 2011

homemade FAIL

With an adventurous heart, I attempted to make delicious homemade flan the other night. And let's just say that Holli's homemade flan = homemade FAIL. Hearts broken. Dreams crushed.

(the perfect flan I was imagining)

Jacob was still nice enough to eat some and tell me it was kinda good. However, I knew it really tasted like spongy eggs covered in cinnamon and goop. *Huff!* I think next time I have my sweet-Mexican-custard craving, I'll opt for this fool-proof method...

Unless there is a Flansmith out there who is willing to apprentice me,
I am pretty sure this is my one shot at flan redemption.

1 comment:

Amber Marie said...

flan is hard and really even if it had turned out perfectly it still would've tasted like soggy egg because flan is disgusting! you guys are crazy.