Friday, June 8, 2012

bye-bye sky

Jacob and I had the privilege of picking up Sky from the Salt Lake airport and dropping him off at the MTC the next day. We did some shopping for some last-minute missionary supplies, went out to dinner at Station 22 (amazing new place in downtown Provo), bought some graham canyon ice cream and watched a disney movie at our house, and most of all let Elder Hale relax before his big debut as a missionary.

Sky LOVED this place. He was freaking out over how each of our sandwiches tasted like something completely unique and unexpected. The fries were pretty dang good too.  "Is this like the only Station 22 in the world?" Yes Sky.

For lunch the next day, we took him to one of our favorite places in ProvoSlab Pizza. A giant bbq pizza topped with a fried egg was his last meal before entering the MTC.

of course he chose Mountain Dew for his last beverage. Not gonna get that in the MTC!

Everything seemed pretty normal. We were hanging out. Eating great food. Talking. Joking. And then it suddenly happened. We drove down the street, and suddenly we were at the MTC saying goodbye for the next two years. 

Sky puts on his missionary jacket like a smooth criminal.

Sky's missionary guide asks him some questions and waits for us as we give our final goodbyes.

Jacob gives some final words of advice. "Believe in yourself!" lol. no, that's not what he said.

final photo before Elder Hale entered the MTC.

And this is where I got a taste of what it's gonna be like doing this as a mom someday. It was a lot harder than I expected. My little baby brother is all grown up! I didn't think it was going to be a big dealbecause heyhe is just literally down the street from my house! But giving that last hug and goodbyeI just lost it. I tried to hold in the emotions because I knew he already had to go through the whole tearful goodbye thing with the family in Arizona, but I failed. He just laughed and scolded me, "Now don't start that!"

Jacob and I waved him farewell as we turned and entered the MTC with the rest of the new missionaries. I'm gonna miss that kid like crazy. He really has been one of my best friends these past few years. But I am so proud of him for becoming a missionary. He made the right choice. And I really can't wait to hear about all his experiences in the West Indies.



Amber Marie said...

geez, this post put a lump in my throat! been there, done that. it also made me miss provo for some reason. i'll keep bugging ryan to get us up there for conference!

Jacob Robinson said...

You can always stay with us sis! And we'll show you all the cool new places to eat :)