Monday, June 4, 2012

jacob + kittens

One of the best parts about visiting home was playing with the kittens. Apparently, my teenage brother's friend left his cat, "Princess Babies," at our houseand can you guess what happened? a few months later they found kittens in the attic. Yep. In the ATTIC! Of all places. The ultimate kitty surprise.

I suddenly wish I had an attic to find surprise kittens in. 

These kittens loved jacob.
I think at one point, all four of us (jacob + oreo + black magic + me) were all napping on the couch together.
Or at least the kittens and I were napping while jacob kept us comfy. He was a good sport.

"black magic"adorably named by my nephew, Noah.

We were sooo close to taking Black Magic back home with us! Oreo was cute, but this kitten was a fighter with an attitude. I like those qualities in a kittenespecially if you wanna keep the mice away. But besides the fact that I'm mildly allergic to cats, I'm not sure my nephews would forgive me if we took one of "gramma's kitties."

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Anna Jay said...

All of our London friends should get cats from the same litter and raise them simultaneously. They can all go by epithets such as: Pmark, Baby V, Anne Perry, Martin, London '08... good idea no?!?!!