Thursday, May 31, 2012

farewell sky

On Sunday we had the privilege of attending this kid's farewell. It was great seeing Sky all dressed up in his new missionary suit, speaking to the ward about why he decided to serve a mission. I was really impressed with the talk he prepared. By the end, it even made me get a little emotionalwhich was bad news, since I had to get up and sing a musical number right after. By the end of the songI lost it. It just fell apart... but everyone just told me that it made the meeting even more spiritual. That was nice of them to say.

But really, I told Sky not to make me cry before I got up to sing. And what did he do? He made me cry. That little jerk!

we accidentally left the garment bag that contained our church clothes back in provohence, the jeans, cowboy belt, and sister's bridesmaid dress.                     we made it work.

Lots of fam and friends came to show support

I think the whole meeting really solidified that he is ACTUALLY GOING ON A MISSION. It didn't seem real. But wow. He is really going away for TWO YEARS! I am gonna miss him like crazy, but I am so proud of my little brother. The people of the West Indies will be lucky to have him.

Next week Jacob and I will be dropping him off at the MTC.
Still can't believe it.


emilymcb said...

It's so weird/fun/emotional having little brothers grow up into men.

Amber Marie said...

i've loved having brothers on missions. their letters are so fun and passionate!

p.s. whoever highlighted your hair should be given an award. it looks beautiful!

leean robinson said...

What a wonderful turn-out for his farewell. You will love receiving and writing letters from him and to him. I'm sure he will be great out in the mission field.