Tuesday, May 29, 2012

bye-bye buskin cuffs

Last weekend, we surprised my family by driving down to Mesa to see my little brother play his last show with his band (Buskin Cuffs) before he leaves for his mission. It was a fast and furious tripwe literally drove to Mesa, stayed the night, and drove back to Provo the very next morning. But it was oh so worth it.

I needed to get my last Buskin Cuffs fix for the next two yearsand wow, they put on a great show.

It was also Jacob's first time seeing the band play (besides our wedding reception), and he loved it.

sister + brother

Highlights of the show:

+ The new songs were awesome
+ The horn section on "I Knew Your Name"
+ Tj's standup comedy between songs
+ The cover of the Rolling Stones' "Miss You." Amazing.
+ The sexy sax man who stole the show. Seriously. Best sax solo I've ever witnessed.
+ Skyler's dedication of their last song to his girlfriend, Heather. The lil' rocker has a heart.

So glad we didn't miss this. It was a hard decision since we knew that we'd be driving down to Mesa again the next weekend for Sky's farewell. But Jacob ended up making the executive decision with a...

"Well, we only live once, right? Let's do it."


Anna Jay said...

Beautiful family! I love Jacob's spontaneity. Best of love to your family and your adorable brother.

leean robinson said...

I actually wish I could have been there too. I think your brother sings and plays very well and I would have loved to have seen his farewell gig. Glad I have such a spontaneous son to jump in the car and go.

Amber Marie said...

ya, go jacob. that's the way we should all live :) glad you guys went. that is one of those experiences you are so glad you did and that i'm sure your brother appreciated so much.