Tuesday, May 8, 2012

goodbye love-mobile

After being married for 8 months, Jacob and I came to the decision that we really don't need two cars. Because my lil' 1995 Lexus gets better gas mileage, we found ourselves using it to get around town while Jacob's poor Nissan Xterra sat in the driveway...for months. It was time to find him a new home.

It was especially bittersweet since this was the car of our dating era. So many good memories. Rexburg. Yellowstone. Bear World. Scenic drives through Sundance. Zions Nat'l. Vegas. Los Angeles. DISNEYLAND. Sedona. The drive down to Arizona to get married. The drive back to Provo to start our life together. This car took us everywhere.

a few breakdowns, but never a break-up.

When we cleaned out the car, we found all our old mixesmost of the tracks hearkening back memories of roadtrips, adventures, and falling in love. We also found the little picture of the Mesa Temple that I mailed to him while we were engaged. He kept it on the dashboard where he could always see it when we were apart those few months. The picture now has a new home in my Lexus.

It was hard saying goodbye, but we know that Xterra will be safe in the hands of Jacob's little brother. And hopefully we'll get a few supervised visitations in the future. *Sigh*

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