Thursday, May 10, 2012


We are really gonna miss teaching these kiddos every Sunday.
Being a primary teacher has been the funnest/funniest calling I have ever had in the church.
Every class is an adventure with seven 4-year-olds to watch over,
and the kids just crack me up.

But I must say that I am REALLY excited about my new calling.
and I mean, PUMPED.

If you want a clue: Last night I had the pleasure of attending "Mutual" for the first time in about 6 years.
And I kinda loved it.


WHITNEY said...

We're going to miss you in primary too! I bet young women's will be awesome tho. Good luck!

Emelro said...

we taught the 4 year olds too....favorite memory:

us: what is something that is made of wax and has a wick and you sometimes light it with a match...?
kid1: marshmallow!
kid2: stick!
kid3: fire!


Amber Marie said...

what cute kids! you are in YW?! I have LOOOOOOVED being in young womens. you will too and the girls will think you are out of this world cool. a lot of work though. have fun!