Tuesday, May 15, 2012

kool for kimbra

After watching that Goyte video that everyone has been obsessing overI don't really care for the song or the videoI didn't think I would be that into Kimbra (who is featured in the Goyte song). She just seemed like some poppy-belter-diva.

But after listening to an exclusive preview of her solo album on NPRI had to stop and think this over again. Okay, so I was impressed. So I hit up youtube and watched her videos. And then I watched more of her videos. And then I watched them again. And AGAIN. And now you could say I am officially OBSESSED with Kimbra. And I mean, like, stupid-obsessed.


One thing I have to say is that her album is really good, but there's some energy that is lost from her live performances. I much prefer these vids of her singing live and rocking out with her tambourine.

"Cameo Lover" might be my fav. I love the Motown feel of the chorus. And holy crap. I swear at about 2:30 she sounds exactly like Michael Jackson, and I looooove it. obviously.

Something about this one reminds me of a Janelle Monae's "Sincerely Jane." Crazy-funky-cool.

And this Nina Simone coverwowit just proves how legit she is. This little New Zealand lady has some serious soul. And man, she can WAIL.

I became so obsessed with Kimbra today that I even passed these vids to my little brother who has great music taste.
He validated my insta-fan-mania by affirming (in his teenage boy vernacular) that Kimbra is indeed "sick."

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