Monday, May 21, 2012

Magic Song: PROUD MARY

I knew I married the right guy when (at my sister's studio's dance recital) he suddenly turned to me and said...

"I just had this fantasy of you up on stage with big hair and one of those gold dresses singing "Proud Mary" all Tina Turner-style. We need to find you a gig."

He said it with a laughbut little did he know, this is actually one of my DEEPEST SECRET FANTASIES. Because, let's be honest, everything about this song and this video are awesome. How could I NOT recreate this in my mind over and over [Minus TinaInsert Holli]?

All I need is a fringey-gold-metallic dress, some backup dancers, and a free karaoke night at Fat Cats.
Who's with me?

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