Thursday, May 24, 2012

wind beneath my wings

I was stunned when Jacob told me he didn't know the song "Wind Beneath My Wings."
I mean, how is that possible? EVERYBODY knows Wind Beneath My Wings. 
It's basically the magnum opus of all inspirational 80s ballads.

As soon as I hear those synths and oh's in the intro, I am flooded with emotions and memories 
of big-haired pageant girls with rhinestone tiaras and poofy-sleeved dresses in the early 90s.

Okay, I am sensing a bias here. But my family's pageant past aside, 

Of course, when I discovered Jacob's innocent ignorance of the song, 
I had a mic plugged into his guitar amp and was doing my best to belt it out to him.
It's not as weird as it sounds. 

Forget that I told you about the pageant stuff...

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leean robinson said...

I love that song too. Maybe its too much of a "girl" song for Jacob to have noticed it back when. I would love to hear you belt it out though :)