Friday, August 31, 2012

Anniversary Road Trip: PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY

We woke up the morning of our anniversary in Watsonville, CA and headed straight for the Pacific Coast Highway, heading south to Monterey. Our plan for the day was simple: cruise down the PCH (loosely following this guide), see the lovely sights along the way, and end our journey in Morro Baywhere we had dinner and hotel reservations for the night. It was a gorgeous day filled with gorgeous sights. We cruised through charming towns, over bridges, and cliffs overlooking rugged beachesall the while, reminiscing about our honeymoon in Costa Rica and singing along to our wedding reception playlist.

We stopped at a roadside market and picked up some juicy peaches for snacks on our drive.

Our first stop was Lovers Point in Monterey.

Think "part of your world."

The water was so cold, but we waded a bit.
The most OBESE squirrel I have ever seen! I didn't even think he was REAL. I didn't know rodents could have love handles?

The tourists are obviously feeding this guy wayyy too much. Kinda sad. Mostly funny.

Point Pinos Lighthouse

baby deer in the cemetery

Jacob exploring the tide pools

He harassed so many  hermit crabs that day

We kept on cruisin' south down the PCH and eventually entered Big Sur. Simply breathtaking.

Bixby bridge

Just a small example of the rugged beauty that we witnessed the ENTIRE drive.

We stopped in a little settlement in Big Sur and got some lunch. Jacob found his favorite "buffalo bleu" chips. There were lots of charming little shops and restaurants in the area. I'd love to go back and spend more time exploring.

We took a short detour to the lovely Pfeiffer Beach.

we had fun telling people it was our anniversary.

Our last stop before getting to Morro Bay was San Simeon to see the elephant sealsyou know the giant ones with the weird noses? What a funny sight to behold. The pups were so cute! The adultsnot so cute. It's kind of the opposite situation of the "ugly duckling."

They kept whacking sand up on their backs.

Everything about this day was beautiful and entrancing. I felt so far away from Provo as we drove up Big Sur's misty cliffs that overlooked crashing waves (really, I felt like I was in a scenic car commercial). It was an easy breezy day, and an awesome way to spend our anniversary. Next stopMorro Bay.

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