Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anniversary Road Trip: STOCKTON

Honeymoon 2.0 began with the long drive on the I-80 from Provo, UT to Stockton, CA. Otherwise known as "the most miserable city in the U.S." Otherwise known as "oh, you mean that city that went bankrupt?" Otherwise known as the home of the Robinson family. It's not that badat least on the Robinson side of town. From the things people say, you would think it was Gotham.

Getting ready to embark on our big trip.

We had a great time relaxing at the Robinson home and visiting with family, 
but the highlight of our stay was definitely taking the boat (the "Azure") out on the delta.
It was also the only thing I took pictures of. 

Jacob and Travis showed off their wake-boarding skills.

Jacob is pretty dang good at wake boarding! I had no idea. He looked so cool!

And then the moment I had been waiting for. They inflated THE TUBE.

captain papa robinson

we look super intense in this pic. We were serious about keeping everyone on that tube! Don't surrender to the wake!

Papa Robinson doing his best to kick our butts.

I can't remember the last time I laughed and screamed so hard!!! Papa Robinson gave us quite the turbulent ride, and I got throwed three times. One of those times I made the mistake of freeing my hand to pick a wedgie right when we encountered a HUGE wake. Big mistake.

Man. We were sore for days after that, and I think I got a bruise from kicking Jacob as I was ejected from the tube. Eventually, we recovered. A few naps and back rubs later, we found the strength to continue on our journey.


Amber Marie said...

i laughed that YOU got a bruise from KICKING Jacob ;) that tube can be dangerous! no wedgie picking when on the tube holli!!

leean robinson said...

I hope you were not sore for too long afterward. I forgot to tell you that I took ALOT of pictures of you guys because I have noticed that I am not a very good photographer. So I took ALOT in hopes that a few might turn out. I guess the beauty of digital is that you can delete what you want. Anyway, we loved having you both for a few days. And we should have taken more pictures of Stockton to show people that this really is nice city!