Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anniversary Road Trip: Santa Cruz Boardwalk

We left Yosemite right around lunchtime, picked up some IN-N-OUT (animal style) in Merced, checked into our Days Inn in Watsonville a few hours later, and headed straight for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This was completely Jacob's idea. I must admit, it was genius. This place is a mini-dreamland, and we had the time of our lives!

It just happened to be Pepsi night at the boardwalk, so we brought some pepsi cans and got unlimited rides for only 10 bucks!

My only disappointment about the boardwalk is that it's not made of "boards." It's more like a cement-walk. Searching for authenticity in a modern world... huff. Still. right on the beach. Just lovely.

This little coaster was waayyy more turbulent than I expected!

With all the psychotic carnival rides they had, I think I got the most scared on the Sea Swings. 
It went right over the water, and all I could think about was SHARKS.

Ridin' the sea swings

Now I know why we were the only ones riding the Logger's Revenge... It was COLD!! 
The logger definitely got his revenge on our foolishness.

Trying to stay dry

Jacob took one for the team.

Getting ready for the Giant Dipper. Best wooden roller coaster ever!

In line for The Fireball. This ride looked nuts.

Bullying Jacob into going on The Fireball probably wasn't the best idea. He warned me that rides that go back and forth make him queasy. The Fireball swings back and forth and twists at the same time. In my mind, the twisting motion would cancel out the back-and-forth motion, right? I taunted him and bribed him with garlic fries if he went on it with me. He wanted garlic fries before the Fireball. He didn't want garlic fries after The Fireball. Not anymore.

Oops. Well I feel like a jerk!

Antidote for feeling like a jerk... CHEESE-ON-A-STICK!! It makes everything better.

I was movie night out on the beach, and they were playing GOONIES. How cool is that!?

We rode the Double-Shot, the Hurricane, the Sea Swings, Cyclone, Cliff Hanger, Logger's Revenge, the Fireball, and the Giant Dipper (twice!). Add that with Cheese-on-a-stick and Goonies on the beachtry to forget about the part when Jacob got sickand you get a perfect "anniversary eve" with me and my love.

Sometimes we have to be adults. But that night we were just kids.


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Amber Marie said...

i am sooo jealous. love the boardwalk. i think there must have been some major renovations since the last time i was there. looks all swanky now! my favorite, of course, has always been the giant dipper. glad you guys had fun.