Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busk'n Cuffs @ Marquee Theatre

So Sky's band played a big show at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe last friday, and boy, those kids killed it! It was so cool to see my little brother up on a big stage rockin' the Marquee. The lights. The incredible sound system. The big crowd (there were probably several hundred people there). It was all TREMENDOUS. And of course, they rose to the occasion and blew everyone's minds, as usual. People were shouting for an encore at the end, but they had already gone over their time slot. It was so cool to look around and see older tough-guys with beards, moms, high school kids, and drunk people in togas all rockin' their heads to the music and enjoying the set. For kids that aren't even old enough to buy spray paint or dry ice, they can rock pretty hard.

The Marquee.

look at TJ. haha.

This is probably their one and only "slow song." I got the chillz at the end.

They played some songs that I had never heard before.
"Domesticats" was one of them.
It reminds me of those old Chips Ahoy! commercials with the chocolate chip cookies dancing and jumping into that giant bowl of milk. yep.

final bow.

Well, the show was awesome. I'm one proud big sister!


Tricia said...

That's so cool that you got to go down there! I love that pic of you and Sky....you look like twins...except when did he get so tall. Wish I could have been there

Jake Garn said...

Sorry that I look high.