Thursday, November 5, 2009

SHAQ Clerihew

Recently, I attended a poetry reading and was introduced to form of poetry called the clerihew. It is a four line poem consisting of a name, a rhyme for the name, and a couplet- that's it. Fun and simple. After the reading, I was determined to try my hand at writing a clerihew. As I walked home, I tried to think of a proper subject- Abraham Lincoln and Ghengis Khan had already been taken. I thought Shaq was the next obvious choice. Since then, I have strained to think of a poem fitting for the NBA demigod, though I fear no clerihew I write could be epic enough for him. This is what I came up with. . .

Shaquille O' My! Can he act! Neil

Shaquille O'Neil
Don't get real
The genie role was your best lead
A boombox wish is what kids need.

I also wrote a clerihew for my roomate, Alison. It's hard to rhyme with Rasmussen, just so you know.

Alison Rasmussen
I think it musta been
Hard how you dropped your cloak and ran
From the scene in your room with the cardboard man.

Not Alison. Cardboard man? Yes.

I dare everyone to write a clerihew. Tell me if you come up with anything good.

1 comment:

Jane said...

thank you for choosing Shaq to write a poem about. this is precisely why i think you are AWESOME!!!!