Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ghost Stories

So I am in the middle of this giant folklore project that I am doing about ghost stories. I have collected a ton of spooky tales and have conducted interviews with my informants about their stories/experiences. Tomorrow I have to give a "work in progress" presentation to the class. Here's what I created for it:

These are sounds clips from the interviews that I did, arranged in a little audio collage. I made it into a video just so the class will be able to read and understand what they are saying. But thanks to everyone who has helped me with this project. Well, except now I have heard so many ghost stories that I am terrified every time I am alone!! Welp.

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Megs said...

I would be terrified too. This is a really good piece. I can't wait to see the final work. Or I might be too scared to...