Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Horse Wishes

Here is a poem I wrote yesterday for my friends' site, The Daily Poetry Club.
Yesterday's theme: wishes.

Horse Wishes: An Autobiography

Age 3 to be a Horse
Age 5 my little ponies & Horses
Age 7 to be a forest ranger- and ride a Horse
Age 10 my own pet Horse I would take care of it, MOM!
Age 13 win a game of H.O.R.S.E.
Age 17 read “All the Pretty Horses”
Age 22 “Wild Horses” 2010 panoramic calendar
Age 102 a Hearse.


alison said...

AHHHH that picture. i love it so much.

Jordyn said...

1.) Portrait! Adorbzzz!
2.) Your title header is SO ROCKIN I'm obsessed with it!!

Whitney and Chad said...

hahahahahahaahahahahaha! Holli your my favorite!

Lucas and Annie said...

Oh my precious.

alex said...

lol hearse

Chelsea Robson said...