Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gold Dust Woman.

This past week, facebookers participated in what was called "doppelganger week" by posting a pic of a celebrity that they resemble on their profile pic. I decided to participate when I remembered a funny "look-alike" compliment I received long ago. When I was working as a checker at Safeway, a strange man would always come through my line to get his cigarettes, and every time he would call me "Stevie"and remind me that I looked like Stevie Nicks. I don't really think I look much like the rockin' lady from Fleetwood Mac, but ever since I've really come to appreciate her style as a female rock artist. She's the one who always said that "sexy is keeping yourself mysterious." I think there's something to that. And doesn't she pull it off nicely? I think so.

I think this video of Stevie singing "Rhiannon" with Fleetwood Mac is so mesmerizing. I love it.


alex said...

oooh i like your new banner. and you DO look like stevie.

Kristine said...

i never would've thought so. but now that i see these pics of her you DO look like twinners. so cool!