Monday, August 1, 2011

scenes from the road (15 days)

I have to say, the trip back up to Utah from Arizona was delightful. After making this drive 3 times in the past few months (with one more round-trip to go), I have to say I have become quite fond of it. I love watching the Phoenix metropolitan area turn into quiet desert, slowly seeing the scenery become more green and wooded in Flagstaff, making our stop at a funny little Italian-Mexican restaurant in Page, AZ, passing Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon up at the border, all the beautiful canyon vistas, and then the funny little towns in Southern Utah. By the time we near Provo, I start to get sad that the drive is almost over.

This time, we took a special scenic route through Sedona. Usually Jacob kinda likes to get down to business and make it home in the most efficient manner, but this was totally his idea. Even I was a little hesitant because I knew it would make the trip significantly longer, but I am so glad we did it. It was the most BEAUTIFUL drive, and I got to see parts of Sedona I had never seen before. We made a few stops to get out of the car and see the beautiful scenery-- yes, it is possible to stop and smell the roses on a road trip!

This trip made me feel like our relationship is as fresh as ever. We talked, laughed, learned more about each other, read to each other, sang, car-danced, kept each other awake. Things never get stale (even on a 12-hour drive) when you are with the one you love.

 Why Jacob insists on sandwiching himself between pillows while driving, I will never understand. DORK!

Ironically, this gorgeous stretch of land is historically known as the "honeymoon trail." In the late 1800s, this is where couples from northern Arizona would travel for days and even weeks to get to the St. George temple so they could be sealed. They often walked by foot and would sleep under the stars. It wasn't an easy journey, but it demonstrates just how important the temple was to them.

I know some of my ancestors made this trip in their day. How ironic that Jacob and I will be driving through this exact stretch of land-- this time to get to the Mesa temple.


Jacob Robinson said...

I love you. Simple as that.

Jane said...

beautiful road trip pictures. you two are hot.