Friday, August 5, 2011

the shameless romantic (11 days)

i think this is one of my very favorite engagement photos. i love jacob's precious face. it is so perfectly "jacob."

sometimes i think i am the only one who completely sees the side of jacob that is the absolutely shameless, cheesey, romantic dork that he truly is. i'm talking about the jacob who leaves love notes on my front door to find when i wake up in the morning; the the jacob who waltzes with me in parking lots; the jacob who dips and kisses me right in the middle of the grocery store; the jacob who slow dances with me in the kitchen; the jacob who told me he would only trade his friendship bracelet for a wedding ring, and has worn it every day since i gave it to him in october; the jacob who says things that are too precious to even repeat; the jacob who makes my heart flutter with just the look in his eyes.
if you met him you might not realize it, but he truly is 100% a romantic. as for myself, i have always been a bit of a "closet romantic." in my heart of heart of hearts, it's absolutely who i am. I just need a loverboy like my fiance to bring it out of me. we make a good couple.
i'm kinda sorry for the way my blog has turned into but not that sorry.

When you are in love, you want to shout it from the rooftops.

11 DAYS!!!

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