Wednesday, August 3, 2011

13 days

I think I mentioned here that I am tired of being engaged.

Well, it's true-- but not so much in the sense of "I HATE BEING ENGAGED!! IT'S AWFUL!!" kind of way. It's actually tiring. Like, physically exhausting. I should preface this by saying, no one should be planning a wedding in another state while working full-time and communting two hours every day.  It is a lot for me to manage right now. There is a constant to-do list that is ever running through my head, which makes it almost impossible to think clearly. Plus, I somehow have to find a way to spend quality time with my fiance!! Sometimes I literally want to collapse at the end of the day.

The good things right now are 1) I have the earliest bed time I have had in years and 2) jacob has actually been really helpful with the wedding planning stuff. He mailed ALL the announcements for me (which took a several different trips to the post office), and he has his own to-do list of things that he can help me with that he proudly checks off every day. Most importantly, he keeps me grounded during all the wedding planning hullabaloo and reminds me of why we are doing all of this to begin with. a lovely reminder.

Last Friday, he had an idea that really helped me get my mind off the wedding planning and just have a little carefree fun. He called me right after school and said, "Hey what are you doing!?! LET'S GO HIKE THE Y!!" I was a little taken back and not particularly in the mood for hiking, but he was so excited and had a good point: we had been so cooped up and busy and stressed over the past few weeks that we had hardly even been outdoors. We needed to get outside and be more active.

Well, it was just what the doctor ordered. I seriously hate that hike. It is so STEEP!! But wow, it felt so nice to be outside, work those muscles, and not worry about all the little stresses of my day. We held hands as we climbed up the mountain and had nice conversation. It reminded me a lot of the last time we hiked the Y (one of our first dates). Sometimes I think we are still learning more and more about each other every day, and I love it.  

When we reached the top, there were only a few other people up there. It was quiet and beautiful as we relaxed and watched the sun set on Provo.

Just one more reason I love my fiance. He knows exactly what I need-- well, what we need.

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