Thursday, January 26, 2012

o little town of bethlehem

hi amber. i totally stole this pic from your blog. sue me.

After megan and I decided to sing "what child is this" for the family on christmas eve, somehow i convinced jacob to learn a song to perform on his guitar. however, i don't think it really took much convincing, but really, just a little encouragement. (i think he secretly wanted to do it anyway.)

I found a really cool arrangement of "o little town of bethlehem" and he started practicing away. It was a really nice piece, but challenging. I took a whack at learning it, and gave up pretty fast. The chords were all over the place! I was so proud of Jacob for learning, memorizing, and performing it for everyone. 

Lately it seems we are often too busy to pick up our guitars and other hobbies as much as we would like to. still, this year i really want us to develop and share our talents more (goal?). In-laws, that means more christmas musical numbers in the future! hope you're okay with that. 


Amber Marie said...

i am suing you along with jacob for the million bucks he already owes me for that bet i made with him when he was 7!

leean robinson said...

I'm not only okay with this, but how can I help with this to happen in the future!